Introduction - David Herman Photography


I started shooting pictures back in the days of glorious Kodachrome, slide shows and darkrooms filled with unpleasant chemicals.  There was magic every time a picture appeared on a blank page in a tray filled with developer solution.  Adjustments were difficult so you had to shoot correctly the first time.

 I now shoot all digital and make changes easily in editing software.  My digital cameras today are far more versatile than my dust collecting but beautiful film cameras.   Regardless of the equipment and post processing magic, it is still the photographer who chooses what to include in the image and what images are worthy of display.

I'm an investment banker (Diamond Capital Advisors) and take pictures of anything that interests me.  I do not shoot with a specific purpose. I simply let my eye take in everything. I look for ways to create order from a chaotic world and, in addition, capture noteworthy slices of life that would be overlooked in our daily routine. It is only later that I divide the images into themes. Wandering the streets "aimlessly" searching for interesting visuals is a welcome balance from the linear discipline of business. Everything is a beautiful design waiting to be properly composed.

This website contains pictures organized around several themes. The most intriguing to me is Public Places. Unlike landscapes, people in urban areas move quickly. The photographer must always be alert for the unexpected and wait patiently for a scene to evolve. I look for an interaction, a gesture, or some irony that would make the image unique. I often feel like an anthropologist taking visual notes for the next generation.

Places to Disappear Into are landscapes that were relaxing to shoot and gave me a chance to appreciate nature uninterrupted by people or machines. The challenge is always to find interesting natural designs and create a compelling two dimensional image from a three dimensional scene.

I grew up in a suburb of New York City and for the past 25 years I have lived in Los Angeles with my wife (and two rescue dogs). Our two daughters reside nearby. I am an avid tennis player and won a bronze medal at the Maccabiah Games in Israel.

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