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For me photography is an excuse to explore, to wander, to be without a plan (for a change).  I don't have a "project" when I go shooting.  I pick a location and walk until I see something could be people, a structure or a design that catches my attention.

 I often find a background or a situation that looks appealing and wait for something to happen.  Sometimes I get lucky and the photography gods give me a "gift"; a moment that will never happen again and I'm there at the right time.  I'm not shooting to record an event but rather to reveal a interesting aspect of human nature.  It could be a gesture, an expression or a funny interaction.

This website contains pictures organized around several themes.  Public Places, Private Moments are images of people mostly in urban environments.  These scenes are never set up or staged. My presence should not alter the situation.  In fact, if someone looks at the camera the moment is gone and it's time for me to walk away. 

Places to Disappear Into are landscapes that are like escape.  I can appreciate nature uninterrupted by people or machines.  The process is more important than the image.  

Slices of the City are images where the structures and light of the city are the main subjects and people are either supporting actors or unidentifiable.  

Created Designs are man made objects that I thought were particularly interesting or fun to look at.  Details that go unnoticed.

I grew up in a suburb of New York City and for the past 28 years I have lived in Los Angeles with my wife and two daughters who now reside nearby. When I'm not wandering the streets I'm an investment banker (Diamond Capital). I'm also an avid tennis player (bronze medal at the Maccabiah Games in Israel).

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